Crisis & Emergency

Crises or unexpected happenings can occur at anytime, anywhere during traveling. Therefore, we at Nepal Tourism Board recommend all tourists to be well planned for such situations before traveling. In case tourists encounter crises or emergency situations, the Board will intervene and co-ordinate to advise the tourism industry and other agencies (such as health services, foreign embassies, press, security and rescue associations) to help ensure the safety of tourists and the provision of accurate information to the tourists. Safety of tourists is the prime concern of tourist service providers like tour operators, accommodation providers as well as the Nepal Government security forces.

In case of crisis/ emergency, tourists can contact:

Tourist Police, Bhrikutimandap
Tel: +977-1- 4247041
Tourist Police, Thamel
Tel: +977-1-4700750
Tourist Police, Basantapur
Tel: +977-1-4268969, 4269452
Tourist Police, Pashupati
Tel: +977-1-4478126
Tourist Police, Tribhuvan International Airport
Tel: +977-1-6227122
Tourist Police, Pokhara
Tel: +977-61-462761
Tourist Police, Belhiya
Tel: +977-71-520197
Police Headquarter, Naxal
Tel: +977-1-4412780, 4411549
Metro Police Control, Ranipokhari
Tel: 100, 120, 130/ 977-1-4225989
Department of Immigration, Kalikasthan
Tel: +977-1-4429660
Tourism Crisis Unit
Tel: +977- 97510-44088
Nepal Tourism Board, Bhrikutimandap
Tel: +977-1-4256909
Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara
Tel: +977-61-465292, 463029
Himalayan Rescue Association
Tel: +977-1-4440292/ 4440293

Type of crises

Natural calamities as well as man-made disasters could occur while traveling to any place and we suggest that tourists be fully acquainted with the kinds of crises/ emergency situations they might encounter before traveling. Natural calamities can include avalanche, earthquake, fire, flood, mudslide, medical epidemic, snowstorm, frost bite, altitude sickness and snow blindness etc. Similarly, man-made calamities can also create hurdle in regular functioning and movement of tourists. Such situations could include: protests, street blockades, strikes, closures, political and civil unrest, harassment, accident, local conflict and war etc.

We recommend that you note the following points for your safety and security:


  • Please carry certified copies of passport, insurance papers and your other documents and keep the originals in the safe deposit of your hotel.
  • In case of loss, theft, cheating, robbery, contact the Tourist Police or the nearest Police Station.
  • Please take care of your valuables and belongings i.e. cash and kind, and never leave anything unattended.
  • Always use Government authorized travel, trekking and rafting agencies and transportation services.
  • Please note taxi and bus numbers before traveling.

For Mountaineers and Trekkers:

  • Please obtain your TIMS (Trekking Information Management System) Card before trekking.
  • Please do not consume alcohol while trekking above 3,000 meters.
  • Please use designated routes and do not deviate from normal trekking routes, trek in groups rather than trekking alone.
  • Please carry torch, raincoat, mosquito repellant and first aid kit.
  • For altitude sickness and medical help in high-altitude areas please contact the Himalayan Recue Association (HRA).

During Bandhs and Strikes:

  • Please avoid large crowds, protests and procession groups.
  • Tourist transportation services are in operation even during bandhs or strikes.
  • During strikes and bandhs, shuttle buses provide transportation to tourists between downtown and Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu.
  • For information and updates regarding bandhs and strikes, please contact your nearest police station.

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