Culture Tour

Nepal is known as a land where you can revitalize your mind, body and soul amidst, scenery that is simply knock out. We can arrange some of the most interesting site-seeing trips in the country where we have been frequently. For those who cannot withstand the rigorousness of mountain climbing here are mountain flights, which fly around Mt. Everest and other summits providing a close- up of the top of the world. On a clear day, the hill resorts of Nagarkot (32 km east of Kathmandu), Dhulikhel (34km) and Daman (80 km southwest of Kathmandu) offer magnificent views of the entire Himalayan range. For the less adventurous, Pokhara, the lake city of Nepal provides ample opportunities of fishing, swimming, canoeing and boating along with majestic panoramic views in its background or you can visit at Lumbini birthplace of Lord Buddha which is the pilgrimage destination of the world’s millions people and is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Village Tour 

Village tours allow visitors to experience a stay in a typical Nepali village. This gives visitors an opportunity to observe the real Nepalese cultural tradition from the closest quarter and intermingle with the locals. Besides, any expenses made at that level directly contribute to the welfare of the local community, hence giving the visitors a sense of satisfaction. Village Tour differs from trekking in a couple of important ways. First, although some walking is involved, and a trekking permit may even be required, exercise is secondary to the cultural experience: the whole point is to stay in one village and get to know its people, not to cover distances between villages. Second, accommodation is in an actual home, not a trekking inn filled with other backpackers, so the cross-cultural exchange is more authentic.

Village Tours are conducted in Sirubari, Bandipur, Kakani, Gorkha, Lumbini, Daman and other places.

Ayurveda & Spa Tours

Ayurveda, Spa or the ‘science longevity’ is the system of nature cure. It is known to promote positive health, natural beauty and long life. Although rooted in antiquity, Ayurveda is based on universal principles and is a living, growing body of knowledge – as useful today as it was in earlier centuries.

Ayurveda Tours , Nepal It is said that Ayurveda is as old as the world itself. Its very basis is the spiritual knowledge of the ancient seers of India and the cosmic consciousness in which they lived. Into its ancient well of profound healing wisdom, some of the greatest doctors and sages over time have poured their finest insights and discoveries, transforming it into one of the oldest systems with a consistent theoretical basis and practical clinical applications.