Nepal Flag

The Nepal Flag was officially adopted on December 16, 1962 and it is the only national flag that is not rectangle or square.Nepal flag


The blue border in the National Flag of Nepal symbolizes peace, while red is the color of the Rhododendron- Nepal’s National flower. The crescent moon represents the Royal House, while the Sun is the symbol of the Rana family of Nepal.


Initially the sun and moon in the National flag of Nepal had human faces, but they were removed when the flag was updated in 1962. The flag is said to express the hope that Nepal will endure as long as the sun and the moon exist. The present National Flag of Nepal was adopted on December 16, 1962. The flag of Nepal is the only national flag which is not rectangular in shape. It is based upon two separate pennants which belonged to rival branches of the Rana dynasty, which formerly ruled the country. The two pennants were first joined in the last century, but it was not adopted as the official flag until 1962, the year in which the constitutional form of government was established in Nepal.